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Extinguish the Fire, Not the Business

3M ™ Novec ™ 1230 Fire Protection

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a sustainable HFC alternative that works quickly, cleanly and efficiently to help stop a fire before it starts.


Protecting your assets and your people.
Provides the largest margin of safety relative to all other clean agents, giving peace of mind for the health and safety of your workers.


No Water, No Damage, No Worries.
Designed to quickly extinguish fires leaving valuable electronics and other sensitive materials clean and operational.


Protecting Your Business and the Environment.
By switching from an HFC to Novec 1230 fluid, which has a global warming potential of less than one, greenhouse gases in fire suppression can be reduced by more than 99 percent.

ESSER by Honeywell

Fire Systems

Fire protection solutions are as individual as any project itself. ESSER offers solutions specifically designed for the individual requirements. The future starts today – at ESSER we are thinking ahead.

WAGNER OxyReduct® prevents the triggering of the fire

prevention occurring and spreading fire

Palmiotta has with full attendance successfully completed the Oxyreduct® training at the wagner group gmbh at june 11th, 2013.
Training Subjects: functional concept Oxyreduct®, working in Oxygen® reduced environment, main components of an Oxyreduct® system,nitrogen generation.



Fire detection systems and power off at national and international various kinds.


Point detectors, detectors with suction chamber Analysis with scanning Laser, infrared barriers and smoke detectors for hazardous areas EEX.


Thermal detectors, thermo-detectors, cables, heat-sensitive detectors Thermostick for areas classified EEX, resistance even in extreme environmental conditions


Methane - LPG - Hydrogen - CO₂ - Gasoline vapors - Propane - Ammonia NH₃ - Acetylene - Oxygen detector G55 510 excess and G55 511 defect.


Inert Gas system, Halon gas carbons, for Water, Water hydrants UNI, foam systems, fire prevention systems for helisuperfici H1 H2 - H3


List of main customers of Palmiotta srl.

  • Simav Spa: Grottaglie - Foggia Ansaldo STS - Bonifacio Center - Building Simav
  • Saccir spa facilities selex Fusaro, Giuliano, Saccir mbda - Pomigliano d'arco - Nola - Capodichino
  • Simav Spa: Ansaldo STS Tito Scalo power - Military Airport of practical sea (Rome) - Military Airport of Trapani - Sigonella Airbase Syracuse - Sessa Aurunca (Caserta)
  • Alenia aermacchi spa Venegono Superiore (Varese)
  • Boscolo hotel di firenze - hotel di roma

Authorized service provider of integrated security Esser Italy.

  • Authorized service Esser by Honeywell
  • Wagner authorized service oxyreduct
  • Authorized service Notifier
  • Authorized service Tyco R102
  • Authorized service Tyco foam system
  • Authorized service Tyco Sprinklers

Elenco di alcuni impianti realizzati dalla PALMIOTTA srl.

  • Fire detection system at the headquarters of Development Italian Bari.
  • Fire detection system HOTEL Dominus site on Tremiti
  • Extinguishing system in inert gases at DATA MANAGEMENT BRINDISI
  • System ANSUL R102 at US NAVY SUPPORT SITE of Caserta Gricignano
  • Impianto di rilevazione incendi presso ALENIA AERMACCHI sita in Caselle Torino.
  • System Auto Off in inert gases (IG55) data center Poste Italian Bari
  • System Auto Off new control tower at the airport Bari.
  • Fire detection system with POWER System LOOP at the nursing home in Rozzano (MI).
  • Impianti di rilevazione e Spegnimento Automatico incendi a protezione di Sale CED sita in Bari e Capua.
  • Impianto di Rilevazione fumi e Spegnimento Automatico a gas inerti (IG.55) sala CED presso Aeroporto Foggia.
  • Detection system and Auto Power Off to protect the room ced at Fiat Serbia.
  • Fire detection system for suction and traditional at the Riccirelli SpA located in Matera Pisticci Scalo.
  • Detection system and Automatic Power Off to fire protection of Historical Archive of RFI SpA located in Bari.
  • Smoke detection system and Automatic Power Off inert gas (IG.55) data center and UPS room at I.N.A.I.L. Rome.
  • Fire detection system and automatic power off HIGH EXPANSION FOAM, at BIOGEN located in Chivasso Turin.
  • Ansul system R102 for range hoods and detection system and power off in inert gases at hotel HILTON GARDEN IN ACAYA
  • Smoke detection system and Automatic Power Off inert gas (IG.01) data center and UPS room CCISS at DMV Rome
  • Smoke detection system and Automatic Power Off Inert gas Argon data centers, Sat Farm at UNITED NATIONS LOGISTICS BASE.
  • Fire detection systems, sprinkler, access control and intrusion application Supervisor WinMag WFP at San Vito dei Normanni.
  • Smoke detection system and Automatic Power Off Gas Chemical FM 200 data center and UPS room Sat Farm at UNITED NATIONS LOGISTICS BASE.
  • Detection system Vesda laser scanner system and detecting methane gas plant at the general electrics new pinion of Vibo Valentia.
  • renitalia: Italian railways fsi
  • agustawestland (brindisi)

Elenco d’alcuni impianti in manutenzione dalla PALMIOTTA srl.

  • Fire system maintenance at the headquarters IKEA BARI - IKEA CAMERANO (AN) - SAN GIOVANNI TEATINO (CH)
  • System maintenance Fire at HILTON HOTEL Acaya Lecce
  • Manutenzione dei sistemi Antincendio presso COFELY Italia Nuovo Pignone V.V. e Bari
  • Manutenzione dei sistemi Antincendio presso la SELEX di: FUSARO GIULIANO M.B.D.A. Di Fusaro (sostituzione)
  • ystem maintenance Fire at factory TECNOPARCO VALBASENTO site on Pisticci Scalo.
  • Manutenzione dei sistemi Antincendio presso l’ALENIA di: Grottaglie, Pomigliano d'Arco, Capodichino, Nola, Casoria. (sostituzione)
  • Exhaust system constant at alenia aermacchi FOGGIA - Region Catanzaro (replacement)
  • Detection system and automatic shutdown automatic with inert gases
  • Automatic extinguishing systems NOVEC 1230 at alenia aermacchi venegono - historical municipal S.CHIARA BARI
  • Maintenance Ansul R102 at IKEA Bari - Ancona - Chieti
  • Maintenance of fire systems: Puglia and development - the town of Carosino

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